The Delusion of Hope

“The Divine Within”

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The author shares in the beginning that the soul intent of this book is to introduce you to what he has termed the “Higher Knowledge” and through the understanding of that “Higher Knowledge”, you can come to realize that you are much more than the superficial identity you have thought yourself into being. According to him, this book is a testament to the life force within us and the many ways it can manifest and affect the human experience. After experiencing his own spontaneous kundalini rising, he now shares the universal wisdom that lies within the very soul of our existence.

Awaken to ascension: mastering oneness and knowing yourself as source

Need help discovering your path to enlightenment? Discover an approachable guide to shattering illusions and finding inner peace.

Stuck in your spiritual development? Curious where profound truths may lie? Searching for clarity and greater self-awareness? Spiritual coach and healer with twenty-three years of experience, Marsha Hankins has guided countless seekers in their explorations of the bigger questions of existence. And now she’s here to share how to empower yourself in your journey, escape limiting beliefs, and tap into the infinite well of pure joy by reaching higher levels of consciousness and awareness.

Awaken to Ascension: Mastering Oneness and Knowing Yourself as Source is a nourishing guide for expanding your perspective and fully developing innate wisdom. Drawing on her own revealing personal pathway and the challenges of her students, Hankins sheds light on complex concepts so you, too, can dive deeper into the human soul. And by integrating her insights about the illusion of duality, you’ll cultivate your own vision of reality and walk the world filled with love and tranquility.

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Kindle Books by Marsha Hankins

Marsha Hankins has been a spiritual teacher and facilitator for more than 20 years. Her passion for teaching is evident as she shares her experiences of spiritual evolution with others. Marsha believes the goal of life is raising one’s frequency to remember the pure light of who we all are. She shares her knowledge and awareness of the ascension process with understanding and compassion for our spiritual growth, and she hopes her insights and techniques will help others find spiritual mastery.

Marsha teaches what she knows based on personal experiences of healing and expansion and those of her students and clients. She believes we all need teachers, but the final steps are up to us. Her desire is to help others cross the 4th-dimensional bridge of awareness into full 5th-dimensional consciousness.

Marsha is the co-creator of Standing in the Light®: 4th and 5th Dimensional Procedures for Experiencing Oneself as Source and Eminent Reiki®. She has also created and taught numerous other classes, including “My Body is My Temple: Techniques to Assist the Body in Holding more Light,” “Achieving Oneness with All Things,” “IAM Creator,” and more. Marsha is ordained in the Order of Melchizedek through the Sanctuary of the Beloved.

While she is now semi-retired from teaching, Marsha still trains teachers and facilitators, teaches seminars upon request, loves public speaking, and continues to write. She is currently traveling the western states with her husband in their 24 ft. camper and connecting with creation.

Her website is

John & George in Spirit: Harmonics of the Heart

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John Lennon and George Harrison began conversing with me in 2006 and approached me in 2020 to see if I would help them to publish a volume of their thoughts. In our sessions, John and George express their deepest feelings about their childhoods and their lives and loves as Beatles. They talk about the multiple lifetimes that the four of them spent planning their Beatles’ lives for the purpose of spreading love and peace across Earth.

John and George have expanded their mission out into the universe, but they haven’t abandoned humanity and Earth. They fully intend to uplift human consciousness by connecting with every single person in a resonance field of higher Love. To this end, they have formed a massive group of people and beings, living and discarnate, that they call the Universal Soul Band. Anyone can join who is willing to listen through their heart. You can be a part of their music of higher Love as it transforms every living being on Earth and Earth itself.

They offer over 60 practices and meditations designed to help you to become aware of their presence in your life, to feel your interconnectivity with the heartbeat of humanity, and for you to sense Earth’s deep reverberations. They are fiercely determined to bring humanity into higher resonance and to bring Earth into cosmic consciousness.

The art of sparkling

“Let your Sparks Flow”

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We are all made up of energy, and Becky Brittain’s fun and (de)light-filled book The Art of Sparkling, Share Your Inner Light with the World tells us how to use that energy to help ourselves and others.
A clinically trained psychotherapist, life coach and registered dance-movement therapist, Dr. Brittain’s passion is helping others shine more brightly. Sparkling is a transmission of energies visualized as sparkling light. She sends out this radiant light through her fingers to intentionally enliven people, nature and animals. As she says, it’s a dance in light!
The Art of Sparkling will energize and enliven you and everyone and everything around you. Here is what some of her fellow sparklers say about this effervescent light-filled energy exchange.
Ushma from England says: “There is an innate magic in every quanta that makes up all you perceive around you. That magic is inherent to the divine that you are. It is the sparkle factor-and when you observe as that divine Sparkler, you bring it to life, outside and in!”
“Sparkling restores me when my emotional energies feel fragmented. I know I can replenish myself,” Jeanne from Missouri says.
Christina from Connecticut adds, “Sparkling lets me shoot out golden bolts of electric light through my fingers to revitalize my world and charge up my work projects.”
Once you’ve read The Art of Sparkling, Share Your Inner Light with the World, you’ll be sparkling, too!

Utopia Found: A Blueprint for Spiritual Renaissance and World Peace

A Blessing Read

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If we are to save the planet, we need to think outside the box like never before. Utopia Found rises to meet this epic challenge. It is unlike anything ever written: a journey through the whole of the human experience in search of those special elements of culture that, collectively, have the power to save us. This book offers a brand new paradigm for living peacefully and sustainably on earth.

The five sections of the book are:

1. Science and the Search for Truth in the West

Explains how the scientific tradition grew from the search for spiritual truth, and explores our basic misconceptions about it.

2. Toward a Multidimensional Understanding of the Universe

Explains the inherent limitations of scientific understandings, and provides evidence for metaphysical realities.

3. Jesus Christ and the Worldwide Traditions of Yoga

Explains how the life and teachings of Christ can be understood in a larger spiritual context.

4. A Unified Spiritual Culture

Compares the similarity of principles and practices from world spiritual traditions to form a framework of common understandings and agreements.

5. Creating a Spiritual Renaissance

Describes how we can form spiritual communities that bring people from different races and religions together, and use this template to create a peaceful, sustainable future.

This groundbreaking book is what the world needs more than ever at this critical juncture, providing a sane alternative to our current dystopian path. This is a way to save ourselves, transform our planet in a new image, and achieve our unlimited potential as beings of light.


The human senses, though finely tuned to observe, cannot comprehend the vastness of life. To go beyond our limitations, we must experience the world through feeling.

Using striking imagery that cuts to the heart, Tributaries: A Book of Poetry deftly describes the wonders of the universe—from a fledgling bird to the unfathomable cosmic ocean above. Every square inch of our world is filled with miracles; every moment is alive; every life is a phenomenon.

Author Pamala Ballingham takes the reader on a journey within and without. Her words and illustrations dance and whirl as if borne on the wind. She elegantly describes the deep feelings of grief and loss, the wealth of nature in our own backyards, and the profundity of deep, abiding love. Taken together, her poems reveal the many textures of a contemplative yet engaged life.

Eyes see far, but the soul feels farther. Ballingham’s poems offer a glimpse into the intangible in a way that only poetry can. As your eyes glide along these words, you will feel your soul grow and bloom to match the vastness of being.

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Sacred Trees

Nathanial Altman

Since the dawn of history, trees have played a central role in the survival of humanity and the flowering of myriad cultures. Not surprisingly, people the world over have revered trees for their life-giving and life-affirming nature. But modern societies have lost touch with that sense of reverence.

Sacred Trees rekindles a once-broadly felt kinship with the natural world. Through vivid history and myth drawn from hundreds of the world’s cultures- from the ancient Egyptians and the Druids of early Britain to today’s indigenous Hawai’ians- Nathaniel Altman reveals the special relationship people have always shared with trees. Here are cosmic trees of the Norse, regarded as the symbol of universal life, the ancestral trees of ancient Rome, seen as the birthplace of humankind, and the biblical tree of knowledge, responsible for the fall of humanity.

Richly illustrated, Sacred Trees offers us the devotion that traditional cultures have shown towards trees and teaches us that respect, reverence, and communion with the rest of nature are essential for the healing of Mother Earth.

Nathaniel Altman is a Brooklyn-based writer and teacher who has authored more than twenty books on alternative health, peace studies, nature, metaphysics and relationship.

Gaupo Publishing, 2017. ISBN: 978-0-9979720-2-3. 330 pages. Paperback: $14.95; Kindle: $5.99.


Palmistry: The Universal Guide

Nathaniel Altman

Our hands offer revealing insights into who we are, where we’re going, and who we take with us on our life journey. What are a person’s strengths and weaknesses? How might he or she behave in a relationship? What type of career could bring someone the greatest amount of pleasure and fulfillment? Through hand analysis, we can not only learn more about ourselves and others, but we can also work through challenges and obstacles with optimism and purpose.

The culmination of over fifty years of research and experience this second edition of  Palmistry the Universal Guide covers all aspects of hand analysis in a comprehensive and easy-to-understand manner.

Author Nathaniel Altman begins with a brief introduction to the art and science of hand analysis and then focuses on the meaning of different hand and finger shapes, palm mounts, lines and skin ridge patterns. Next, he focuses on the psychological aspects of palm reading, such as character analysis, using a variety of lines and other features of the palm. He then moves on to romance, focusing on sexual personality, compatibility and how to achieve happy and long-lasting relationships. Palmistry can also be a helpful diagnostic aid. The book also covers careers and self-fulfillment, as well as how palmistry can help us find a spiritual path that is right for us. The book ends with advice about how to read hands and take handprints.

Both thoroughly fascinating and eminently practical, Palmistry: The Universal Guide makes an age-old practice relevant for us today.


Nathaniel Altman has been reading hands since 1969, and is recognized as one of the foremost palmists in the country. He has written more than twenty books, including The Palmistry Workbook and Sexual Palmistry: What Your Hands Reveal About Love, Sex and Relationships. Nathaniel lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Gaupo Publishing, 2017. ISBN: 978-0-9979720-4-7. 408 pages. Paperback: $19.95; Kindle: $14.95


Sexual Palmistry: What Your Hands Reveal about Love, Sex and Relationships

Nathaniel Altman

Sexual Palmistry: What Your Hands Reveal About Love, Sex and Sexual Palmistry is the most revealing and exciting book yet written on what hand analysis can tell us about our sexual relationships. Our fingers, hand shape and lines all say a great deal about what we are like in a relationship, especially when it comes to identifying our perfect mates and rating our sexual prowess. This new, third edition of Sexual Palmistry explains how you can:

  • Recognize the seven types of lovers
  • Find out about personality traits and sexual expression
  • Learn your lover’s secret turn-ons and turn-offs
  • Discover sexual compatibility with your partner
  • Understand recurring  relationship patterns

This authoritative guide will help you gain a deeper understanding of personality, sexuality and relationships through a systematic study of your hands and those of family and friends.  


Nathaniel Altman has been reading hands since 1969, and is recognized as one of the foremost palmists in the country. He has written more than twenty books, including The Palmistry Workbook and Palmistry: The Universal Guide. Nathaniel lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Gaupo Publishing, 2019. ISBN: 978-0-9979720-5-4. 213 pages. Paperback: $13.95; Kindle: $5.99


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