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John & George in Spirit: Harmonics of the Heart

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John Lennon and George Harrison began conversing with me in 2006 and approached me in 2020 to see if I would help them to publish a volume of their thoughts. In our sessions, John and George express their deepest feelings about their childhoods and their lives and loves as Beatles. They talk about the multiple lifetimes that the four of them spent planning their Beatles’ lives for the purpose of spreading love and peace across Earth.

John and George have expanded their mission out into the universe, but they haven’t abandoned humanity and Earth. They fully intend to uplift human consciousness by connecting with every single person in a resonance field of higher Love. To this end, they have formed a massive group of people and beings, living and discarnate, that they call the Universal Soul Band. Anyone can join who is willing to listen through their heart. You can be a part of their music of higher Love as it transforms every living being on Earth and Earth itself.

They offer over 60 practices and meditations designed to help you to become aware of their presence in your life, to feel your interconnectivity with the heartbeat of humanity, and for you to sense Earth’s deep reverberations. They are fiercely determined to bring humanity into higher resonance and to bring Earth into cosmic consciousness.