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I’m Mark Borax and I created Soul Level Astrology in 1987, a method of using the astrological birth chart to identify your core nature, or soul, which is the deepest part of you.

I’ve also been a nomadic poet my whole life. In the late seventies I traveled the U.S. and Canada performing and selling my poetry. In the mid-eighties, I was befriended by my adolescent idol, writer Ray Bradbury, who became my literary godfather, believing in my writing even though it was taking forever.

In 1984 I became a comic book writer and the managing editor of Comics Interview magazine. In 1998 I rode my Harley Davidson Low Rider through the U.S. and Europe, stopping for a year in the Tuscan countryside of Northern Italy. My first book, published by North Atlantic Books and Random House in April, 2008 ‘ 2012: Crossing the Bridge to the Future, describes my seven-year apprenticeship to visionary astrologer Ellias Lonsdale. Under the redwoods in northern California we created a mystery school which birthed a new form of astrology called Star Genesis, that helps people contact their core nature and life purpose. My second book, Cosmic Weather Report, published in December, 2010, presents a new future for humanity, should we take up the challenge. (Personal) (Company)

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