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The Delusion of Hope

“The Divine Within”

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The author shares in the beginning that the soul intent of this book is to introduce you to what he has termed the “Higher Knowledge” and through the understanding of that “Higher Knowledge”, you can come to realize that you are much more than the superficial identity you have thought yourself into being. According to him, this book is a testament to the life force within us and the many ways it can manifest and affect the human experience. After experiencing his own spontaneous kundalini rising, he now shares the universal wisdom that lies within the very soul of our existence.

Awaken to ascension: mastering oneness and knowing yourself as source

Need help discovering your path to enlightenment? Discover an approachable guide to shattering illusions and finding inner peace.

Stuck in your spiritual development? Curious where profound truths may lie? Searching for clarity and greater self-awareness? Spiritual coach and healer with twenty-three years of experience, Marsha Hankins has guided countless seekers in their explorations of the bigger questions of existence. And now she’s here to share how to empower yourself in your journey, escape limiting beliefs, and tap into the infinite well of pure joy by reaching higher levels of consciousness and awareness.

Awaken to Ascension: Mastering Oneness and Knowing Yourself as Source is a nourishing guide for expanding your perspective and fully developing innate wisdom. Drawing on her own revealing personal pathway and the challenges of her students, Hankins sheds light on complex concepts so you, too, can dive deeper into the human soul. And by integrating her insights about the illusion of duality, you’ll cultivate your own vision of reality and walk the world filled with love and tranquility.

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