Advanced Hypnosis Secret Revealed


Author Various

This Hypnosis eBook package contains the secret techniques from the masters. Here you find helpful information about the following:

# 7 Success Secrets of Hypnotism

# Essential Skills

# How and Why Hypnosis Works

# Hypnosis for Beginners

# Hypnotic Inductions

# Hypnotism and Spells

# Magical Structures

# Self Hypnosis

# The Art of Hypnotism

# and more….

200 plus Pages PDF ebook

How To Hypnotize People and Other Things


Author Wayne Perkins

Hypnotize your friends in simple easy steps, by Wayne Perkins, “the school assembly hypnotist” and trainer of hypnotherapist! Practical exercises replace boring theory in helping the reader learn hypnotism in just a few hours. PDF ebook

Hypnosis For Beginners


Author Unknown

ENTERTAINMENT hypnotists love to make hypnosis look dark and mysterious and complicated. They love to pretend that they have special powers that no-one else possesses. I love to make things bright and clear and open, and I do not claim any special powers.” This Book, as the title suggests, is aimed at beginners – people who would like to learn how hypnosis and hypnotherapy works. It is a step-by-step practical guide, with lots of suggestions for things that you can do. You don’t need hocus-pocus to benefit from hypnosis.