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Author Steven Madrid

Author Steven Madrid is a “Warrior Of Total Freedom” in the practice of Carlos Castaneda.

In accordance with the Warrior’s Way of “erasing one’s personal history,” very little is known about author Steven Madrid besides what he himself offers of his experience & knowledge.

Steven Madrid was born in Los Angeles, California in the early 1950’s attended High School locally and received further education in The California University system, studying English, Psychology, Anthropology, Religion and Philosophy, Asian Studies, Counseling, Art & Creative Writing. What began innocently for him many years ago as simple steps taken in the Warriors Path, eventually evolved into something that he could never have imagined is possible.

Author Steven Madrid has followed the Warrior’s Way for nearly a lifetime that led to his implementation of an all-too evident and joyous self-discipline that he best describes simply as “Knowledge.” Encountering the “Magical” and the “Fantastic” leading to his personal discovery and experience with what Author Steven Madrid calls “The Ultimate Source of All There Is,” that is responsible for “All That Exists” in accordance with its immutable all encompassing infinite indomitable quality and power.

For years, so many regular ordinary people just like Author Steven Madrid have read the accounts of Carlos Castaneda that opened the door to the discovery of the disciplined steps required to obtain this extraordinary knowledge. Moreover, contained in those accounts of the shaman and apprentice, teacher and student, is the fact that ultimately it was emphasized, a person needs no one to guide them. That anyone who becomes minimally aware of other possibilities, in essence, can proceed by his or herself.

Author Steven Madrid’s Lifelong story then is about that premise taken to heart and the dedicated human effort he underwent to seek out knowledge. To find verification for that which can have no other evidence other than what one can experience for one self. What is the source of all that exists and of all that human beings perceive? What happens when we die? For there is definitely no one other than yourself who can prove conclusively regarding the capabilities of human awareness and perception, that this is the way it is, this is what is accessible and available.

Author Steven Madrid now presents the actions, discipline and circumstances that he and his cohorts uncovered and undertook through the brand new reality-shattering presentation of his 1st new book release, “The Ultimate Source Of All There Is: The Carlos Castaneda Effect.”

That he has committed himself to totally to discovering whatever he has found to be within human possibility and to report it as accurately as possible. Author Steven Madrid remains forever grateful to all those authors whose legacy of experience and written works have pointed humanity towards new possibilities.