Meet me in Atlantis

“Atlantean Ethereal Energy”

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A New Theory of Atlantis Emerges

Before written history on Earth, there lived a race of highly evolved humans. With technology so advanced they were able to easily and quickly circumnavigate the globe and even the solar system, they enjoyed their position as Adepts of the Universe. The Earth was their playground and paradise and also a repository for their developed technology. When other cultures began to overlap their own they made a decision as a people that brought great destruction to the planet. Understanding the decision caused unwanted consequences and therefore a cosmic rent in the karma of Universe, they must come back at another time of major catastrophe, some knowingly and some unknowingly, to balance the wrong. A second chance to strive for what they should have initially, world peace among all peoples on Earth.

Hunkered under her dining table, frightened and alone as magnetic pole reversal decimates Earth, a doctor begins a journal to maintain a level of sanity.
Documenting her experiences as she emerges to a destroyed Denver she continues to journal as she bands together with other stragglers in the city center. They quickly learn a new landmass has risen during the upheaval and it is thought to be Atlantis.
Bands of survivors are coming together as governments mobilize and the course of history is being determined on a daily basis.
Violence looms even as the survivors insist on peace and worldwide cooperation.
She finds herself torn between trying to reach her family and her loyalty to freedom and country.
A paranormal energy permeates the air, being used by civilians and government alike and the race is on to find out if the new continent holds the long gone technology of an ancient civilization.

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“Boldly New Age”
“Thrillingly Unique Plot”

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